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Investing in the future Committed to the Success of Every Student

The primary focus of everything we do is, of course, our students. The district is committed to providing our instructional staff members the tools they need to help students reach their full potential. That includes professional development, mentoring and other resources our teachers can rely on to help them get the job done!

Advance Your Career Where Homegrown Teachers are Made

Ready to take the next step in your career? We can help!

1 Aspiring Leader Academy

This six-month program is created for teachers who are interested in pursuing school administration. It will equip you with the tools and training needed for leadership.

2 Assistant Principal Academy

Ready for more? You can apply to the Assistant Principal Academy after successful completion of the Aspiring Leader Academy, Educational Leadership (Level 1) certification, and a passing score on the Principal Insight exam.

3 Principal Academy

With a School Principal (Level 2) certification and current status as an assistant principal or prior experience, you can apply to the Principal Academy and be eligible for principal vacancies.

4 Principal Induction Program

A program for new principals who are given the opportunity to work with an Executive Director and continue their professional development.

New teacher support Beginning Teacher Program

We are committed to helping our new teachers succeed. That’s why we offer a wide range of opportunities for them to develop their professional skills, including an experienced teacher coach to guide them during the beginning stages of their professional journey.

Our Testimonials Here’s Why our Instructional Staff Loves Working Here

“What I enjoy most about working for Alachua County Public Schools is the support that we get from both the administration and at the district office, as well as the professional development opportunities.”
“My eight years working for ACPS have passed by fast. When you are enjoying your job, time is a bliss.”
“The Alachua County community is extremely supportive of schools and the arts. We are working on building brand new schools, state-of-the-art systems, so that we can continue to do things that meet the needs of the students. Everybody is on board in making sure that the kids get the things they need to be successful”

Salary Schedules Generous Pay

We are proud to offer competitive salaries to those just beginning their teaching careers and to our veteran teachers.

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Wellness for you Our Benefits

We offer our employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes a wide array of perks. Check out what you can expect when you join our team.

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